Respite Services

For those who have an aging or disabled parent or loved one, taking care of them on a daily basis can be very rewarding, but also very challenging. These family members may require bathing, dressing or just need 24 hour help getting around. Otterbein Franklin SeniorLife Community offers respite services for this very reason. Respite is an option for caregivers who need a break or assistance with their loved one, as well as some time for themselves. Respite services are offered for a few days or for weeks if needed. While their caregivers are getting a break, loved ones will be given the same care and consideration that all our residents receive. This includes medical care if needed, as well as social activities to enrich their hearts and minds. Otterbein Franklin also offers support groups or helpful coping strategies to assist caregivers with caring for their family member.

  • Nursing Care
  • Social activities
  • Emotional Support
  • Coping strategies for caregivers

Hospice Services

Otterbein Franklin also offers hospice services. Hospice services are designed to assist families with caring for loved ones in advanced illness. Hospice services provide loved ones with comfort and support, rather than rehab or a cure. This could include medical and emotional support if need,  as well as a pain management, for as long a life as possible.

  • Emotional support
  • Counseling for caregivers
  • Pain management
  • Advanced aging / Illness information

Community Weekly – June 1, 2018

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Otterbein Franklin SeniorLife Community (formally know as Franklin United Methodist Community) opened its doors in 1957 as a continuing care retirement community that provides a variety of living options and care choices for retired persons. The long-standing traditions and standards of the United Methodist Church remain a part of our community; however residency is open to persons of all faiths and denominations. We stand committed as a non-profit, faith-based organization willing to serve the needs of our community.