“My sweet mother, Margaret, had spoken of FUMC for years! She had a number of friends and ministers that lived there and told us emphatically that’s where she wanted to be when the time came. The time did come. Though we followed through with Mothers wishes, we were hesitant. Only because we (her 8 children) do not live in Franklin. Most of us live 45 minutes away in Bloomington. Any reservations we had about the distance and getting to Mother quickly, especially in the case of an emergency, quickly vanished. Your nursing staff has been excellent in contacting us, keeping us informed and simply knowing Mothers moods, wants and needs. They’ve never hesitated to call with any concern they’ve had, big or small. It became evident early on they knew and loved our Mother. I must say that has been true of everyone I’ve met. You know people genuinely care when nurses, doctors, housekeepers, laundry staff, activities director, dietary staff all know her name and take their time to kneel beside her wheelchair, softly hold her hand  just to say hello. I’ve never heard a course, grouchy or unkind word spoken to or about my Mom or any other patient or fellow employee. The staff always knows mine and my siblings’ names and are always well informed on mother’s health and well-being. That has given us great peace and comfort. I don’t know where you find them, but have and train a great staff to be loving, thoughtful and kind. It strikes me too, that your staff is very consistent. There seems to be very little turn over, which I know can be all too common in health care. That speaks volumes to employees who are happy, feel respected, important and vital. Which they certainly are. It’s hard to name one thing I appreciate most about your wonderful facility, staff and outstanding care. Perhaps foremost is that our Mother is so happy there. She’s not just content or comfortable, which she is. She is joyful. After raising eight children and in spite of her aging body and mind, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her more at peace.  She’s had a tough life and has had to be a very strong and independent lady. But these past years at FUMC I believe have given her the opportunity, for the first time in a very long time to feel taken care of. She feels safe and loved. Words cannot express what a gift that is to her and her children. As my Mothers memory fades she will sometimes whisper “Where am I Cassandra?” When I remind her she’s at the Franklin United Methodist Community she beams like a child on Christmas morning and then she always says ” I made it, I finally made it”!!

Words can’t express my gratitude for each person who has given so much love and care to our Mother. You truly are a shining example of Christ’s compassion, His hands and feet to the least of these. Certainly the staffs “gentleness is evident to all”.

– Cassandra (Brewer)Hurt, daughter of resident

“I would like to take the opportunity to express my great appreciation and admiration for the Franklin United Methodist Community. Naming this a community was very insightful.  Our mother has been living in The Health Center for nearly three years.  During that time her mobility has predictably declined.  Until last fall we were able to take “walks” in her wheelchair around the neighborhood.  Others were doing the same with their family members and we all became friends.  We often stopped at ” the shiny bench” under the maple tree to read ,talk, and sing (and nap).  The cars passing by almost uniformly smiled and waved.  It delighted Mother.  The residents and employees passing by on their walks would stop and chat.  Neighbors living nearby brought her warm, freshly baked cookies.  One stopped her car to proffer freshly cut flowers. On a typical day one sees family caregivers showing their love for their spouse, parent, or child.  The employees, family, and residents display a kind of kinship.  The kitchen staff , nurses, aids, activity directors, administration, custodial staff, laundry personnel, hair dressers express their love for the residents both verbally and in deed.  When someone passes there is a sadness and reverence that is a testament to the dignity of all who work, live, and visit there.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  This is a very unique and exceptional home.  Our family will always be in debt for their great kindness to our mother and us.”

– Judson L Brewer, MD

“My mother and father-in-law lived at the Community for many years. They experienced many of the levels of care that were available. The staff treated them like family. Many staff members have been employed here for over 20 years! It is obvious that this is more than a “job” for them. I can truly say that the happiest years of my mother-in-law’s life were spent at FUMC. The communication between FUMC and my family was helpful and considerate. I am happy to recommend FUMC.”

– Margie Fendley, daughter-in-law of residents

“A great adult care facility run by a caring and knowledgeable staff. I trust them totally with the care of our mother.”

– Tim Eichhorn – son of resident

“Do you want to know what makes the biggest difference?  The staff!  All the staff—those serving lunch, the aides and housekeepers cleaning up after residents, those passing medications, to include the chaplains and all the way up to the top—those people are compassionate and serve the residents like they are their own grandparents.  They show the residents dignity and respect, no matter how hard their job is.  I saw it again and again! They really care about these people, not just my mom.  My mom was all over that place, I saw it everywhere! They did it with gusto!”

– Terry Camden, Johnson County, IN Resident and Son of Former FUMC Nurse

“I’m a local pastor and have at any moment several members and friends at FUMC. I’ve seen how people are treated as l would want my mother treated. In fact, if my mother were in the area and was looking for rehab services, a residence, or needed assistance living care I would drive her directly to FUMC.”

– Peter Jessen, pastor

“She adjusted quicker than I did and is doing quite well. I took her home one afternoon and realized quickly, I am unable to care for her as good as the staff at FUMC. The care is good and the staff are caring, it does make me feel better.”

– Dr. Joseph Young, husband of resident

“My first impression was everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. It was very pleasant to receive information regarding mom’s future, in a way I could understand. Mom is getting the help she needs and I can sleep at night knowing she is taken care of in a secured environment. I am extremely happy with the care from the nurses, to the clinical nursing assistants, helping hands and even the beauticians making mom’s hair pretty – she enjoys very much. There isn’t a price tag to put on the care being provided. What I love most is the nurses know me, I know them and it has been wonderful since we moved mom to FUMC.”

– Terri Roberson, daughter of resident

“Things are going well. The staff stays on top of her care daily and keeps me informed with changes. There are good and bad days with mom. I am impressed with the staff, the cleanliness of the facility and the food is served hot. She is being very well taken care of and it is a true blessing.”

– Becky Lee, daughter of resident

“More than 20 years ago, we chose to be the leader in providing specialized care to individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. We knew putting a lock on a door was not the answer. FUMC built state of the art amenities with a vast array of natural light, walking areas without corners or obstacles, and developed specialized programming. With the growing number of individuals suffering from memory issues today, we continue to be recommended by the healthcare professionals across the state.”

– Keith Van Deman, FUMC Executive Director

“As the instructor for HSE II Nursing, I have found the FUMC staff are very knowledgeable about the needs of geriatric residents and are very receptive to their specific needs. It is great to work along side an organization that cares so much about their residents. Their employees strive for privacy and are very respectful at all times of their residents. They help with every day problems that residents may experience as well as end of life issues, and many things in between. I believe that their services really make a difference in the lives of their residents. Employment within a nursing home is often unappreciated, and there are so many issues that must be addressed. Having a team that appreciates what their nursing home staff encounters, while simultaneously valuing the residents is a most successful combination.”

– Pat Lawton, R.N., Health Science Education II Nursing instructor, Central Nine Career Center

“I have been a vendor (medical supplies) for FUMC for over 25 years.  This is one of the most sincerely professional and caring facilities I have ever worked with. They have ALWAYS been resident focused and hold themselves (and me!) to the highest standards.  Their Christian mission is as strong today as it ever has been and I feel honored to have been associated for them for so long. I have been in the LTC market for over 25 years and I think it is safe to say that FUMC is widely respected facilities in the state of Indiana, as well as locally in Franklin, IN (where I am also a resident).”

– Chris Conoley, Medline

“I have enjoyed working with FUMC for the last several years.  When collaborating with the marketing and wellness team, everyone has such a big heart and truly wants to offer the best care and services for each resident. FUMC is one of the largest CCRC’s in the state of Indiana offering many levels of care for older adults.  New graduate therapists would have the opportunity to provide inpatient rehab, short-term rehab and outpatient therapy as well as work with a large, supportive nursing and therapy staff.  FUMC is known as a strong, reputable provider of retirement living for older adults. It is encouraging to work with employees that go above and beyond to make FUMC an outstanding community for their residents.  FUMC continues to offer the latest services and amenities to ensure their residents have the opportunity to flourish.”

– Holly Skidmore, Director of Marketing, HTS

“We have found Franklin United Methodist Community to be an exceptional partner.  Their insights into successfully navigating the complexities of the post-acute care environment have been invaluable to us.  Their team, at every level, exhibits kindness and compassion, balanced with a truly professional approach.  On a personal note, I find their facility to be exceptionally clean and inviting, and I rarely leave a visit to the campus without having purchased a hand-made wooden toy from the gift shop to give my grandsons!”

– Steve Long, MBA, MHA, FACHE, President & CEO, Hancock Regional Hospital

“The purpose was shared with them, they embraced it, followed the process, and became a team.  Embedded in it is love and caring on their own.  That’s the human piece, beyond the process and performance. I think about the Accounting Department for example.  There was one employee in particular (Pam Black) who led me through the process of securing the funds available and therefore a place for my mother.  Likewise Cheri Romine, a Social Services Manager, also kind of led me by the hand through that process.”

– Terry Camden, Johnson County, IN Resident and Son of Former FUMC Nurse

“I enjoy working with FUMC. The staff is very attentive and passionate about the needs and well-being of its employees and residents. It’s refreshing to work with such a genuine and caring organization. I appreciate that FUMC is a Christian faith-based organization and how this is reflected in their relationships with their employees, residents, professional vendors and the community.”

– Diana Maxam, ProMed Medical Management, Inc.

“The staff at Franklin United Methodist works closely together as a team.  Everyone supports each other to provide the best possible care of our residents. Our therapists and students have the opportunity at Franklin United Methodist Community to work with a variety of types of patients.  They are highly skilled and offer outstanding clinical care. The primary concern and focus of every staff member and the administration is providing for the needs of our residents.  Every member of the team is valued!”

– Cassie Murray, OTR, IASSC CYB, Executive Director of Clinical Services, HTS

“The Franklin United Methodist Community became our extended family.  My siblings and I were able to go home in the evenings and not worry about the care our mother was receiving. We were blessed by the Franklin United Methodist Community because the care my mother received was provided with more knowledge than the care my siblings and I could have provided her at home. I’ve recommended FUMC to several people—some of whom currently reside there!”

– Terry Camden, Johnson County, IN Resident and Son of Former FUMC Nurse


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